Don’t you know that you’re never supposed to trust the Libyans? 

Heh…heh, ok, in reality, it looks like the ship owner is to blame for the brouhaha between the Libyans and the ship intending to run the legal anti-weapons blockade the Egyptian and Israeli governments have set in place around the terrorist Hamas run enclave of Gaza.
In all honesty though, any party having anything to do with the “aid” ships-to-Gaza nonsense, meaning the ship owners, volunteers, and the ports that give these blockade runners safe harbor, in the attempt to aid the homicidal/genocidal terrorist regime of Gaza, under the guise of aiding a humanitarian crisis that doesn’t exist, tells you all you need to know about the people in question. KGS

Gaza aid team trapped on Greek boat

Six British volunteers and Mavi Marmara survivors among those on Strofades IV shadowed by Libyan warships after captain ‘fled port’

At least six British members of an aid convoy to Gaza are reportedly trapped aboard a Greek cargo vessel in the Mediterranean which is being pursued by Libyan warships.

The volunteers from the Road to Hope group, a humanitarian group attempting to deliver supplies to Palestinians, are understood to have become caught up in a dispute over money.

British Foreign Office diplomats are liaising with the Libyan and Greek authorities, and have called for a “safe” end to the situation.

The origins of the row are not clear but the Greek ship, the Strofades IV, apparently left the port of Derna, in eastern Libya, abruptly this morning. Ellie Merton, the London liaison for the convoy, said: “As far as I know the boat owner became really aggressive over a payment for something, tried to shut the back end of the boat and moved away from the pier really fast.

“The [vessel] was still attached to the quayside and as he drove he yanked the ropes off, there were bits of concrete flying everywhere. We have lost telephone contact with those who are still on the ship against their will – without any paperwork, passports or authority to leave Libya, possessions or, when we last heard, food or water. We’re extremely concerned.”

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