An acquaintance mentioned the following scenario to the Tundra Tabloids concerning the recent news of the Obama administration handing over 150 million dollars to the Palestinian Authority, (posted below). FresnoZionism takes note of the P.A spending over 3 million dollars on Stinky Arafat’s new museum, where his smelly kefiyya (that hasn’t been washed since his death) will be on display. 
The interesting thing here is, “what are the odds that some of that $150 of US money will got towards that museum, honoring the terrorist who ordered the murder of US Ambassador Cleo Noel. The late US Ambassador was murdered in cold blood under the orders of Arafat. What would the average US taxpayer say if they knew that it’s very possible that the US will be funding the museum of this heartless thug? Just saying. KGS

U.S. will give Palestinians extra $150 million in aid

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced Wednesday that the U.S. would give the Palestinian Authority an additional $150 million in direct aid.

“The Palestinian Authority [PA] is reversing a history of corruption and producing results that actually matter and improve the lives of Palestinians,” Mrs. Clinton said during a satelite videolink with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

“As a result, new businesses are opening, taxes are being collected, services are being delivered. Security is much improved, and the economy is growing,” she said.

The announcement comes as Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, renewed Sept. 2 with the aim of achieving an agreement within a year, remain in limbo.

The Palestinians suspended their participation after the Sept. 26 expiration of Israel’s 10-month settlement moratorium in the West Bank, and U.S. efforts to coax Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into extending the freeze have failed.

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  1. Will any of this 150 million end up in Swiss Banks, the same way sweetie boy Arafat stashed away billions and let his followers starve and become cannon fodder for the 'cause'?

  2. America borrows 40% of what the fed govt spends every year. Our schools are broke. Our welfate state is broke. Everybody is being told the gravytrain is about to end. Meanwhile, our govt is GIVING $150,000,000 to Muslims who HATE us and wish us dead. I hate Clinton, I hate Obama, I hate our federal govt. They are evil and determined to destroy us. The US is controlled by evil people who hate the US and are determined to destroy us. Whew, glad to get that out!

  3. Friends. In a similar vein, our red-headed prime minister from Australia (Julia Gillard) who speaks in an accent I've never come across throughout my entire life in Australia, stopped briefly in Indonesia to hand over five hundred million dollars to Yudhoyono.

    But wait – there's more. The money was stipulated specifically to fund Indonesian school education.

    Nobody knew anything about it beforehand.

    No Australian voter would have supported this crazy idea.

    Will the Indonesian government be sending back monthly (even quarter yearly) reports on the good things that these dollars are doing to benefit the peace loving Indonesians who just love Christians?

    I think not.

    Yudhoyono gave nothing in return – probably thinks we are just mad to do such crazy things.

    I've come to the earth shattering conclusion that the left have no idea about the value of a dollar.

    Also they are experts at wasting/squandering and just throwing away tax payer dollars without a care in the world for the hard work gone into making the money for them to tax in the first place.

    Our $500,000,000 to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, will undoubtedly prove a nice little supplement to all the corrupt bureaucrats and politicans in Indonesia.

    Thank you Australia. (Remember, too, that our dollar is on parity with the green back now.)

    As John said, whew, glad to get that out!!!

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