A Few Who Stood up to Many

Amsterdam: EDL Van #1

Last Saturday a dozen or so anti-jihad groups from all over Western Europe gathered in Amsterdam for a free speech rally under the auspices of the Dutch Defence League. The English Defence League’s participation in the event was well-publicized in advance by the media, and EDL members had to run the “anti-fascist” gauntlet to get from the railway station to the demo. As you may recall, the EDL contingent’s rented minivan was attacked by anarchists and culture enrichers, and had most of its windows smashed in.

On Saturday evening several members of the Counterjihad Collective who were present that day collaborated on an account of what happened to the EDL. None of them was actually in the van, so their report was based on second-hand information.

Corkie is one of the EDL leaders who rode in the smashed-up minivan. He was concerned about the inaccuracies in what we posted here, so he wrote to me to set the record straight:

I don’t want my lads portrayed as the victims in what happened — that article was slightly “embellished”. We were not battered, far from it. Attacked, yes, but not battered.
In fact, there were a few Moroccans who went home with bloody lips and hurting knackers. We didn’t run away from them; we walked. We got attacked and we battered a few. The horrible little bastards were swinging blades, belt buckles, all sorts of things.
No reason we should be seen as weak — there’s being a victim, and there’s being battered. We weren’t battered.

We were a few who stood up to many.

I want to go back!

More here.

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