Whether or not this innocuous Finnish-Israeli cultural website was hacked by members of the FIC, or by others who hate Jews and Israel, the results are the same, racist writings and child pornographic material were placed on its pages sometime yesterday evening.
The site was hacked into last night by a small group that was discussing earlier on a Finnish chat forum about messing things up a bit on the www.israeltieto.fi website, that promotes Israeli cultural and science issues and happenings in Finnish. Obviously doing something as simple as that, is just too much for these haters of Israel and they went about messing things up. The Finnish online computer magazine, Tietokone.fi, ran the story about it, as well as the Finnish tabloid paper Ilta-Sanomat. According to Tietokone.fi: 

NOTE: The hackers left the following texts in place of what originally was there:

— Onko YK vihdoinkin valmis hävittämään kaikki juutalaiset? / Is the UN finally ready to get rid of all the Jews?

— HITLER OLI OIKEASSA! / Hitler was right!

—  Juutalaiset olla paha / Jews are evil

Finnish Hackers Trash Israel Website

In the morning, Israel-Information pages were empty, but Google’s cached page appears to have something found what had been done.

The Israel-Information Association, which spreads positive information about Israel on the web in Finland, had been subjected to an attack by hackers. Friday morning you could only see the white page, but Thursday evening the pages were a confused lot. The story of the hacking of the pages spread to the discussion groups where the criminals also bragged about their actions.

According to Google’s cached page, the hackers named themselves the Finnish Islamic community, but this will probably just a childish joke. The digital manipulated pages contained the calling of Israel as a swine state, and asked whether the UN was finally ready to destroy all Jews.

The page has a signature submitted next to the text “Kotilauta.fi was here!”. Apparently, the user on that discussion page, have been active in the attack. Other communities involved have emerged the chat sites users of Thorlauta and Northpole.

For example, someone who posted at Northpole admit that they had a hand in messing the Israel-Information website. Also included are people, according to their messages that were previously involved in the sabotaging of SDP, Eero Heinäluoma’s web pages.

According to a source involved with the website, the situation as it now stands, the authorities will be looking into the chat forums in question, looking for links to the actual perps. Like the Tundra Tabloids stated earlier, it’s immaterial where the attack came from, it more than likely came from the Left, or from the Muslim community, with the latter (Finnish Islamic Community) proving its anti-Jewish and anti-Israel credentials on its own webpage, which links driectly to the pages of the anti-Semite cleric, Sheik Yusuf Qaradawi. KGS

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