Ban Ki-Moon: I made sure Whitley’s careless statements
wouldn’t stand for long, there’s just too much at stake
So a UN bureaucrat has a moment of sanity and the UN “gets his mind right” quickly. In all truth, the UNWRA should be dismantled, the people incorporated into the areas in which they reside like every other refugee group has done during the entire history of the UN and before it. The only reason why these Arabs sit in camps, often in undesirable conditions, is due to their being used as political pawns by the Arab League and the OIC.
The Arabs pay big money to third world countries in order to keep them voting in the way they want in the General Assembly, as a big one vote per country voting block(pure mob democracy). Funny how the news media never seems to pay attention to that aspect of the UN’s back-room shady deals that keep these Arabs living in perpetual squalor. KGS

UNRWA New York Director apologises and retracts “inappropriate and wrong” comments on the right of return and again underlines they don’t represent the views of UNRWA

3 November 2010

Dear Mr. Gunness,

I am writing following my realisation – from media reports, statements and letters from individuals, organisations and governments – that part of the remarks I delivered at a conference in Washington hosted by the National Council on US – Arab Relations, on 22 October, 2010, were inappropriate and wrong. Those remarks did not represent UNRWA’s views.

I express my sincere regrets and apologies over any harm that my words may have done to the cause of the Palestine refugees and for any offence I may have caused. I have spent much of my long career working for the Palestinian people, and defending their rights, in different professional capacities. It is definitely not my belief that the refugees should give up on their basic rights, including the right of return.

I wish to put this letter on the public record out of concern that what I said in Washington could be interpreted in ways that negatively affect the reputation and work of UNRWA, an organisation I have been proud to serve since July 2002. The Agency is at liberty to use my statement in whatever ways it sees fit. There is no need for a reply.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Whitley

Whitley: “If one doesn’t start a discussion soon with the refugees for them to consider what their own future might be – for them to start debating their own role in the societies where they are rather than being left in a state of limbo where they are helpless but preserve rather the cruel illusions that perhaps they will return one day to their homes – then we are storing up trouble for ourselves.”

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