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Boy this needs to be disseminated far and wide, like Vlad said, imagine what would happen if the situation was reversed? KGS

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Carcassonne: The faithful during Mass stoned

Sixty faithful who attended Tuesday night’s Mass for the dead (All Saints Say) in the church of Saint-Jacques in the district of Viguier Carcassonne, have been targeted by stoning which also damaged a statue of the Virgin at the entrance of building. Two youngsters of the 13 or 14 years came in during the mass and threw stones and pine cones  before being put to flight by a worshipper who tried to capture them but could not catch up. 

“This is serious, it’s a real desecration,” said the abbot Garrouste serving of the parish, which celebrated Mass this evening. A complaint was filed this morning in Carcassonne. A complaint was lodged by the police, which is taking the case very seriously. The desecration of the Saint-Jacques church and the stoning of the parishioners during a public service, is a first in this ghetto and caused a big stir in the Christian community.

UPDATE: From Vlad Tepes and Islam in Europe

Source: MidiLibre (French)

Le procureur de Carcassonne Francis Battut a ordonné une enquête pour identifier les adolescents. “On prend cela très au sérieux”, a-t-il dit. Les faits datent de mardi mais n’ont été divulgués que jeudi. On ignore les motivations de ces jeunes. Abdallah Zekri, délégué régional du conseil français du culte musulman, a condamné une “attitude de voyous”. La profanation de l’église Saint-Jacques et le caillassage des fidèles, en plein office – une première, dans un quartier pourtant difficile – ont suscité un gros émoi au sein de la communauté chrétienne.

The Crown prosecutor of Carcassonne Francis Battut has ordered an investigation to identify the teenagers “we take this very seriously” he said.

The facts date from Tuesday, but were not divulged until Thursday. “We ignore the motivation from these youths” said Abdallah Zekri who is representative of the French Council of the Muslim faith, and has condemned this as “a truant attitude”. The profanity of the Church St. Jacques and the stoning of the believers in the middle of mass, a first in a difficult neighbourhood, has triggered a great deal of emotion within the Christian community.

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  1. What a depressing list:
    Geert Wilders tried to be silenced, Elisabeth Sabaditsch Wolff… Israel, the lonely democracy in the Middle East and only Jewish State in the world should not be allowed to exist. Jews thrown rocks at – does not matter, etc. etc. Israelis massacred in terrorist attacks – ignored or whitewashed in the media…

    But what an uproar if a branch from a Palestinian olive tree is cut off (btw all too often by Palestinians themselves or leftist "activists") that makes major news – and alas there is another excuse to attack and bash Israelis. When Christians are attacked, e.g as here with stones – where are all the media and condemnation….

    Why the insane and self-destructive "political correctedness"?
    Where does it come from – Europe's blindness to the totalitarian threat that is looming large?

    Is this the sign of the decay/downfall of the West, or part of it? Or will it start to fight back — in time?

  2. When will the French awaken and turn out the dhimmi politicians that are destroying their civilization? Is it too late?

  3. Where does it say that the offenders were Muslim? Only in the title, but I'm not prepared to pass this on the way it is.

  4. Greetings:

    Actually, Tuesday was all Souls' Day, not All Saints Day which was November 1st. Hence the Mass for the Dead.

  5. Wow, all this time I thought this kinda things only happen in moslem country…In Aceh, Indonesia almost every sunday "the moderate, peaceful moslem" throw stone peacefully to churches.

  6. Adherents of the religion of peace in action yet again!
    "…the police is taking this very seriously…"

    Oh yeah, certainly so, until it notices that the perpetrators are muslim youths…RR

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