This is the speech given by Michael Mannheimer at the demonstration in Amsterdam on October 30th. Despite harrassment by leftwing extremists and the police, he managed to deliver his detailed account of the challenges that Europe faces today, along with extensive historical background.

Welcome. We are now in the year 2010 in the midst of the biggest threat of Europe in history. We are in the midst of the third attack of Islam against Europe. The first attack took place shortly after Muhammad died, and the Muslim conquerors conquered Spain and the Spanish Islamization was taking six hundred years and was ending 1492 by a big Reconquista. In spite of what, in many books is written and written again, despite the peaceful Cordoba Islam, the truth was very different.

The truth was that the Muslims killed millions of Christians and church and Jewish and this should be known that the second attack of the Ottoman Empire which began with the conquering of um, not Ankara, what’s the name of . . .Constantinople – thank you very much. At the end of the First World War, 1918. During this 455 years of Ottoman attacks against Europe, million of people, million of innocent Christian and Jewish have been killed under unbelievable cruel conditions.

Turkey, as the father of the Ottoman Empire, led, all together 29 wars. Twenty-nine wars against Europe during this 455 years. And, it is now taking it’s 30th war because the Turkish is now one of the leading Islamic countries in the world, on one row with Iran, on one row with Egypt, Saudi Arabia.

In Turkish political circles they speak about Germany, not as “Germany”. They speak about “West Turkey” already. And we have seen how Erdogan came to Germany like a Caliph who wanted to control if everything is happening and going as he wanted it in kind of Islamization. But now, we have a far biggest threat ever in history of Europe. Much bigger even than the threat of Hitler and of communism. The difference is following.

Hitler had a country of about 75 million people and Hitler had a history of all together thirteen years of power. But the Muslims had a great experience of meanwhile, 1,400 years of Islamizations on different fields. They are much better organized. They are worldwide and they have 1,4 billion people behind them. The consequence of that power of the umma we see everyday. We saw it last time, very dramatically with the Mohammad characatures in Denmark.

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