“They said that the EDL has a right to protest and the police have to stay neutral. But then they launched a disgraceful attack against Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

“They told us that it is counter protests organised by UAF that cause trouble.

“They said that UAF is a front for the extremist Socialist Workers Party. The tenor was clear—UAF is as much of a problem, if not more so, than the EDL”

This mention in a socialist rag of the reception received by these socialists from the police is indicative of the truthfulness of the Tundra Tabloids’ reporting on the EDL. They are not what their detractors call them, they are respectable, law abiding, classical liberals who are fighting for freedom from tyranny, for liberty and  justice for all, regardless of where they hail from and their religion and/or ideology. 
The Left (and their pseudo conservative minions) is desperate, desperate I tell you, to paint, to smear these patriots in the worst possible light imaginable. These lying, detestable people will stop at nothing to thwart the EDL and the anti-Islamization movement, for they stand to lose, and lose big if their lies about multiculturalism and Islam are exposed for the overwhelming majority to see.
Kudos to the police for speaking the truth about the EDL, who know fully well that the fascist “anti-fascists” (UAF, ANTIFA) are the ones who are the violent ones, and have in times past infiltrated into rallies of the EDL to give Hilter salutes and foment violence, breaking windows etc. One only has to follow the police reports and news reports of Leftist protests to see who are the violent, anti-establishment/society types are, they’re a montage of hard core Lefty/anarchist/nihilists/anti-capitalists/Muslims etc..
The more the EDL and other like minded groups continually show who they are, defining themselves while not allowing the opposition to get away with their smears, the more average folk will see who the troublemakers really are. KGS

H/T Thanks Kitman

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  1. It's good news this is being recognized. Perhaps now the Conservatives, Liberals and Labour might consider ending funding for UAF.

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