Islam in action Sweden


It’s called being a law unto yourself and ritual slaughter. They have a unknown individual shooting immigrants with a high powered rifle, and NR2 Norwegian TV interviews a few of the shooter’s stalkers. There are actual types like this moron interviewed stalking the streets, who will not stop with the man they catch (supposedly the shooter), but will continue on with butchering the shooter’s relatives as well. Sweden is so screwed. KGS

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  1. Sweden's politicians must be delighted that they no longer have to fund a police force or the judiciary – it will be done by the people themselves.

  2. "I'm greater than the police"

    Classic Muslim fantasy land.

  3. How fitting that the mayor of Malmo should have help. Guess he is very happy that he allowed them to run indigenous Swedes out of town.

  4. Once again, Muslims apply collective guilt: all infidels are equally responsible.

    He wants to kill all that carry the vigilantes name.

    Now, repeat after me: not all Muslims are terrorists, can't blame all Muslims, can't tar all Muslims with a broad brush…..

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