It’s sick I tell you, sick. How such nonsense situation could have been allowed to exist in the first place defies rational, logical thinking. Subversion of our democratic systems and institutions has to stop, NOW. Canada is facing its own stealth jihad as much as the US is. Time for the sane to take back the reigns of power and hand it over to the people where it belongs. Get politically you conservatives of Canada, it’s as much of an enforcing of the political will as it is a law enforcement (domestically) and miltiary (abroad) issue. Don’t allow your country to be governed by the clueless or gutless any longer. KGS
Zijad Delic: That my first name rhymes
with jihad, is not by accident

The Imam always gets his man. Why RCMP outreach is not working.

Islamists, Iran, and the RCMP’s “cultural diversity”

by Michael Petrou on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 3:06pm 

An RCMP “ethnic liaison officer” is urging his colleagues to attend a conference on a “ Just and Sustainable Peace “ that was organized in part by a Green Party of Canada candidate who believes the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job,” and whose participants include the director general of an NGO that endorses hate-filled stereotypes about Jews. Three academics from Iran are flying in for the event.

Among speakers scheduled to speak at the conference, which will take place in Ottawa on Oct. 28, is Davood Ameri, director general of the Iran-based “Islamic World Peace Forum,” an organization whose website includescartoons of Israeli soldiers murdering babies, and one of a hook-nosed Jew wearing a top hat full of tiny skulls.

Saied Ameli, identified by conference organizers as dean of the faculty of global studies at Tehran University, is scheduled to attend, as is Elham Aminzadeh, reportedly of Tehran University’s faculty of law, who has praised Iran for what she describes as its efforts to protect women’s rights since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. She was formerly an Iranian parliamentarian and in 2006 claimed stoning sentences were no longer handed down in Iran. They are. A third Iranian academic scheduled to participate is Hassan Hosseini.

Nasir Islam, a professor at the University of Ottawa, is on the program; as is Vern Neufeld Redekop of Saint Paul’s University in Ottawa; Ottawa lawyer Ernest Tannis; and Zijad Delic, head of the Canadian Islamic Congress.

The conference has been organized by Green Party members who call themselves the “ Ottawa Group of Four.” They include Qais Ghanem, a doctor whose posting on the “Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth” reads: “I have, from the outset, believed that the 9/11 horrendous massacre of thousands of innocent civilians could not possibly be the work of a dozen amateur Saudis. Close watching of video clips and reading of lots of expert opinions convinced me further that this is an inside job, or that it was at the very least done with inside help.”

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