The EDL has been badly maligned in the British media, thanks to the Civil Liberty organization for bringing up this issue before the hammer slams down on free expression in the UK. KGS

Civil Liberty: When Britain was at war with Germany in the 1940s groups and individuals which supported Hitler were incarcerated by the authorities; groups which opposed the Nazi regime were not incarcerated.
Today British troops are fighting the Taliban in central Asia. In an illogical twist the Taliban in the UK is not proscribed and its supporters in the UK are not detained. However individuals who support an organisation opposed to the Taliban may find themselves on the wrong side of the law if Cameron goes ahead and bans the English Defence League (EDL).

ICLA: The English Defence League (EDL) has been meeting with Orthodox Rabbi Nachum Shifren this week ahead of this Sunday’s demonstration in support of Israel outside the Israeli embassy in London at 1pm.  This is part of the growing interaction between the EDL and American ‘Tea Party’ activists that may lead to a transatlantic coalition.

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  1. Banning the EDL would be a big mistake. It would be a major victory for the Islamists, but I think it would raise social tensions even higher.

  2. The Jews seeking the protection of the Crusaders?

    Curious, but it will not work.

  3. @AMDG: I take it you mean you HOPE nobody will protect the Jews? If that IS what you mean then I would willing protect any Jew from wolves such as yourself!

  4. You may take or leave as you wish and you can of course protect whoever you consider appropriate (to your oewn risk), and you may even also avoid using animal insults, Mr. wolfhunter.

    I say it will not work. The EDL should try to fly St. George´s in Jerusalem and tell us.

    Know you allies:

    https://www.jpost.com/JewishWorld/JewishNews/Article.aspx?ID=191782&R=R1. A leading rabbi speaks about you. Enjoy.

    https://www.jpost.com/International/Article.aspx?id=182938. You will read: “Mergui believes assimilation is the biggest problem French Jewry is discussing”. Are not their priorities clear?

    Just in case you do not see it clear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_a-25MhRukç. Multiculturalise yourself, your allies expect it.

    Good luck and check six.

  5. AMDG has been proceeding along the path towards total vilification of Jews… I've ben keeping a watchful eye on him.

    Failure to differentiate from Leftist-lib Jews and Jews in general allows him to make sweeping generalities.

    By the same token one could declare that Finns who immigrated to the US were all communists and highly suspect.

  6. KGS, you realise Civil Liberty is an organisation arising from defending BNP people don't you? Nick Griffin was raising money for them in the mid 2000s in the US from former KKK types. Kevin Scott used to be a BNP regional organiser, who wrote for fascist publications and has a criminal record for violence. An all-round pillar of the community clearly.


  7. I told you:

    Jews against EDL launch unity voice

    The first joint initiative to combat Jewish support for the English Defence League within the community has been launched.

    The “Not in our name – Jews against the EDL” campaign is backed by more than a dozen organisations, including the Board of Deputies, Community Security Trust, the Israeli Embassy, and Jews for Justice for Palestinians.

    More than 500 people have already pledged their support.

    1. If you were up to the intellectual challenge, I would engage you. But you’re not, so I won’t. Don’t bother me with your anti-Semitic fantasying.

  8. Ban the EDL?figured it would come to this.David cameron is an asshole but assholes
    dont always succeed.The EDL will continue.how do you stop a peoples movement?
    remember Wat Tyler.remember other true patriots./keep up the struggle
    because this struggle you cant lose.if tony robinson is jailed others will take his place

  9. Oh, my God:

    > A member of the Jewish Division this week decided to link herself with terrorist organisation JTF. This was the decision and wishes of one single individual within the EDL, and does not in any way shape or form mean that the EDL is linked with this movement. We would like to make it clear that the decision to release a statement of this fact was done so without any consultation or agreement with anyone in the EDL leadership team.


    I am not going to feel sorry for being right.

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