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An interesting quote gleaned from an article on letting non-citizen residents to vote in municipal elections:

Portland, Maine, weighs letting noncitizens vote

“On a recent day in a small lunchroom at the Al-Amin Halal Market, a group of Somali men ate lunch and talked in their native language. A sign advertised the day’s offerings, including hilib ari (goat), bariis (rice) and baasto (spaghetti). Abdirizak Daud, 40, moved to Minneapolis 18 years ago before coming to Portland in 2006. He hasn’t been able to find a job. Some of his nine children have attended Portland schools, and he’d like to have a say in who’s looking over the school system and the city, he said. But between his limited English and the financial demands, Daud hasn’t been able to become a citizen.

I like the Democrats. I want to vote for Democrats, but I don’t have citizenship,” he said.

Now think about it, 22 years in the country and  he still can’t speak English, and has nine children and he’s unemployed. Who pays for his upkeep, the taxpayers of Maine, that’s who. Who enables the such a situation to exist, believers in big government, that’s who. Who are traditionally for big government, Democrats, that’s who. What party does this man want to vote for id allowed to do so? Democrats that’s who. See a symbiosis here? KGS

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  1. Yeah, great idea… if you want your city to end up like the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets.

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