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Bishop Flavien Joseph Melki: Hey Qaradawi you
really are the quintessential Islamic supremacist

These two brave bishops are saying something that the Tundra Tabloids has been saying for years, that Islam is inherently supremacist and engaging in dialogue with its members is entirely meaningless. KGS

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Lebanese prelates caution Synod on problems of dialogue with Islam

Two Lebanese Catholic prelates questioned the feasibility of dialogue with Islam during discussions on October 21 at the Synod of Bishops. Commenting on propositions advocating inter-religious dialogue, Syrian Catholic Bishop Flavien Joseph Melki of Dara, Lebanon questioned whether the suggestions were realistic:

Is it even thinkable that the Arabic countries of the Middle East, where fundamentalism is becoming more entrenched, will accept in the near future abandoning their theocratic regimes founded on the Koran and the Sharia, which constitute flagrant discrimination towards non-Muslims? To me this seems to be in the domain of utopia, for the centuries to come.

Archbishop Raboula Antoine Beylouni, also a Syrian-Catholic prelate from Lebanon, raised similar questions. Because the Muslim believes that the Qu’ran offers the absolute and complete truth, the archbishop said, “he comes to dialogue with a sense of superiority.” More ominously, he continued, the Qu’ran “commands the imposition of religion through force—with the sword.” As a result, the archbishop said, Muslims are unlikely to recognize religious freedom.

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  1. Everyone knows what they say is true, but kowtowing to Islam means political approval, MSM praise, a peaceful life and financial security. Who is going to risk those in exchange for telling the truth?

  2. These religious leaders are really bucking the mainstream in their faith…who have shown themselves to be more than willing to turn a blind eye to what true islam stands for.

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