Here is some stunning court testimony thanks to our never-sleeping Dutch to English translator, V.H.

The judge reads from testimony that was given by Dr. Wafa Sultan about the nature and threat of Islam to Western liberal democracy at the trial of Geert Wilders for whatever it is he is charged with. I phrase it this way because frankly, I feel he is charged with 1. Being Geert Wilders and 2. Not following the Frankfurt school party line on all things politically correct and incorrect.

In any case, this is a great couple of clips. Thanks to VH for the translation, and to The Baron over at Gates of Vienna for the formatting.

2 Responses

  1. Sultan's comments are pretty devastating. I imagine a few reporters are thinking twice about the official line they are supposed to sell to Joe Public… It's beginning to look a lot like snake-oil.

  2. Yeah…wafa is pretty hard to beat as a witness. But sadly, the court is not aiming for the truth in this trial, but focusing on the fact that people were offended. That's how warped the West has become.

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