The Tundra Tabloids and it’s regular readers already know just how much a freedom lover and hero Lars Vilks actually is, plus he does it all with the twist of humor and irony. The man, as well as his Danish colleague, Kurt Westergaard, are at the forefront of defending the very basic of all Western civilization freedoms, free speech.
The TT defended free speech in a confrontation with the OIC’s Secretary-General, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, and does so on a daily basis on this blog, but those who put their lives on the line, stand head and shoulders above the rest, and deserves our utmost respect, no matter how some of their views may differ from your own.
FrontPageMag has an interesting story about Lars Vilks, during his tour in America with Lars Hedegaard from Denmark, which merits a thorough reading. If you read and saw the interview the TT did with Lars Vilks, you then already know Vilks’ philosophy about art, in how it’s to be understood. Art isn’t art because someone puts a pencil to paper or a brush to a canvas, it only becomes ‘art’ once its viewed by anyone else and is reacted to.

FPM“Amusingly, Lars Vilks experiences the entire episode of this controversy as “process art.” To understand this vision, imagine a pebble being dropped into a still pool of water.  The pebble drop is the instigating event, in this case, Vilk’s offending illustration; the concentric circles radiate outward in a ripple effect, representing all that we are experiencing throughout the world as a result.  Vilks takes it all in, an actor in a morality play of his own design.  His next project, he claims, is to make a Fred Astaire-style musical out of it all.

Art is a subversive endeavor, he says, meant to push the boundaries, make us think.   Maybe one day we can all sing and laugh about it all. Until then, I will be shaking the trees and rattling the cages of all those around me who take for granted the relative tranquility of our quiet neighborhoods and insulated lives.”

Read it all folks.KGS

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