Global Warming Leftist Fascism



This is the Left’s version of humor, it’s disgusting as it is incitement to dehumanize those who refuse to go along with their cultish and incredibly stupid ideas. That is the Left, you do not figure into their world if you oppose their ideas and agendas. How many more mass murders and genocides at the hands of these murdering bastards are we to allow, before we deem socialism, all forms of it, from the Marxist-Leninist-Hitler-Mao version, to the Social democratic version that pimp “Green Policies”.

It’s all about power folks, their power, to enforce their wold views upon the other, and if you don’t subscribe to their world views, you’re less than human, to be done away with. The interesting thing about the ad, is that they’re not joking, in spite of the lame attempts at dead-pan (black) humor. These bastards want you and me dead. KGS

NOTE: This video was in part, sponsored by the British government

H/T: Kumitonttu

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  1. I think those commercials accurately portray the mindset of the global warming fanatics. Frankly, I think they must have been made by their political opponents.

  2. The 'Green' movement is really a 'Red' movement, which shows us how far the left has contaminated the UK government and society.

  3. Global warming is big business – especially carbon trading credits.

  4. Will Pol Pot be the new poster boy of the Greens? I don't know about that – he was a bit lenient, some were not killed, only sent to "re-education" in forced labour camps. He did reduce the carbon footprint of Cambodia, by killing 20% of the population, so that was alright then.

  5. This is the most outrageous clip I have seen this year – and I've seen some lulus.

    Sick, sick, sick.

    What deranged fool dreampt this up?

    And doesn't it speak to the mind set of persons who are on a mission to convert us all and will not tolerate opposition.

    Surely no sane government could have been involved in this demented spectacle?!

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