If this is true, it’s a big blow to the coverage of the Middle East and Islam. Clamping down on MEMRI means a clamping down on those who disseminate their material through mirroring, a process by which a different You Tube channel republishes the same material under a different heading etc.. Good grief, I hope this turns out to be a bogus story, or that the channel is put back online. KGS

Geller: MEMRI is the most vital source of news from the Middle East. Hands down. They translate programs, newscasts, etc., coming out of the Muslim world. Unfamiliar with MEMRI? Go here.

Shutting down MEMRI is the equivalent of shutting down Edward R. Murrow back in the day. The implications of such action are unquantifiable.

They want to eliminate all information that is damaging about Islam. The TRUTH that is. Everybody needs to be silenced and listen to the MSM Dawa and their praise of Islam. (Hat tip Armaros)

I will be sending MEMRI a donation to fight this leftist/Islamic totalitarianism. May I ask you to do the same? I know times are tough in Omerica, but we must support those who are doing the heavy lifting in this fight of our lives, our children’s lives ………. the life of our very civilization. I cannot overstate the importance of MEMRI. The Islamic machine is getting bigger, bolder, brasher with the indispensable aid of the debased left.

If not for MEMRI, I would not know who Wafa Sultan is or the proper way to beat the wife. But these are just two of thousands of critical examples.

This is shocking. Jonathan Narvey of The Propagandist has this:

With YouTube’s suspension of The Middle East Media Research Institute’s (MEMRI) video channel, a critical resource for those looking to understand Middle East politics and the global jihadist threat is now gone. Will they bring it back?

MEMRI’s methods are simple: take publicly available videos of things like speeches by dictators like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, statements by terrorist spokespeople or even samples of children’s programming inciting violence in Egypt. And they translate these statements from Arabic or Farsi into English, with basic context (Name of the speaker, date and location. Just the facts, ma’am).

What sort of things are you likely to see in MEMRI videos, exactly? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calling for death to America and Israel. A Yemeni cleric explaining how Jews are like pigs and monkeys. Instructions about how to beat your wife from an Islamist television host. With MEMRI providing the context, these videos become compelling evidence that the Islamist war on civilization is not merely some bizarre imaginary concoction from Dick Cheney’s brain.

The need for this kind of service is obvious. The jihadi threat to both Muslim nations and the outside world is very real. Seeing precisely what these people are saying, as opposed to what is being reported that they are saying by second-hand sources, is invaluable for understanding the mindset and intentions of the ones making the statements.

More here

Stefcho: The right-wing is constantly persecuted by Leftwing activists and their MSM poodles. Comments get deleted on MSM sites, sites and blogs get shut down, reality gets a make-over on Wiki, anyone criticizing Islam gets thrown off Facebook… the list goes on. It really is time for a right-wing ISP, news service, communication facilities.It really is time for a right-wing ISP, news service, communication facilities. It would make a fortune.

MEMRI is targeted by radical Muslims.

I had a MEMRI video on my channel, with a speech by an Imam about war against the West and Jews. A Muslim made comment about Jews being behind The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I answered that with facts about the source of the conspiracy theory (book page reference).

The same day this Muslim death threated me on my channel, and the video was removed by Youtube due to hate speech. They informed me that my channel will be removed next time.

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