The Tundra Tabloids has posted on the trial already today, but the Baron has an interesting piece up, so this bears returning to once again. Besides, there’s this great photoshop of mine….. KGS

The kangaroo trial in progress
by H. Numan

I will not speak of a fair trial against Geert Wilders, but only refer to the kangaroo trial. It is not a fair trial at all. The verdict has yet to be announced, but will in all likelihood be guilty.

Why call this kangaroo trial a kangaroo trial? Judge for yourself:

  • Minister Hirsch Ballin, one of the most outspoken opponents of Geert Wilders, was highly in favor of such a trial.
  • The presiding kangaroo Mr. J. W. Moors made some biased remarks when Wilders claimed the right to remain silent.
  • The kangaroo heading the appeal chamber, Mr. Frans Bauduin, is a member of the board of the Dutch Morocco Fund.
  • The defense asked for 18 witnesses. The court allowed only three.
  • The trial has been set for 7 days. This is unusually long for a court case in the Netherlands. Even a case like this.
  • The verdict will be announced on the day that Theo van Gogh was murdered. Nice touch, eh?

In any other court case where the judge makes a snide remark to the defense, the case is either dismissed outright, or the judge relieved of the case. It doesn’t happen very often, though.

More here.

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