SD: Church official mixing religion with politics… eh.. no dice.

The SD leader, Jimmie Åkesson is a true leader, he’s not afraid of refusing to be slighted and his party maligned, as well as showing his disgust over it. Good for them that they chose to walk out of the church. The Sweden Democrats will not allow for others to define them personally nor their movement, they define themselves dammit! 

Did the bishop out of a sense of fairness point an accusing finger at the rest of the  leaders from the main parties represented, who identity themselves with intolerant people from anti-Israel organizations? You know who they are, there the leaders smiling while others give peace signs though were aligned with Grey Wolves Neo-Fascists in the Mavi Marama incident?

So, while the Swden Democrats purged from their ranks highly intolerant types and form themselves anew, mental midgets like Carl Bildt has no problem haming it up with whack jobs who rub elbows with Neo-Fascists. Oh now I know why, it’s because they were acting against the Jews.

For you see, the double standard works like this: in Swedish la la land, if you happen to be a Swedish pro-Palestinian, faux peace activists, who like to dress up like Jews and play with the kalashnikovs of their terrorist friends, then have a big laugh about it, you’ll never be turned  away by a Swedish politician, except by a Sweden Democrat. KGS

H/T Henrik Clausen

Sweden Democrats walked out of church

JPDK: Riksdag-debut for the Sweden Democrats arouses even greater stir than expected with the opening of the Swedish parliament today.
First party chairman Jimmie Åkesson promenaded to the cathedral in Stockholms Gamla Stan wearing a traditional Swedish outfit.
“Racism that says that you are not worth as much as me, do not have the same rights as me, is not entitled to a life of freedom, and this for one reason only – that we happen to be born in different parts of our world – is not worthy a democracy like ours, “said Stockholm’s bishop, Eva Brunner.
Political propaganda
Immediately thereafter the Sweden Democrats left the church. Eva Brown is a socialist and, according to the Sweden Democrats was her sermon political campaigning.
“The Church couldn’t help but to agitate against the Sweden Democrats,” writes one of the party’s new parliament members, Kent Ekeroth on Twitter.
“Shame on the Church of Sweden. Shame on Bishop Eva Brunner, “writes another sweden Democrat, Linus Bylund.
Ceremonial garb out of respect
Jimmie Åkesson explained his unorthodox choice of attire that the Reichstag opening is a celebration.
“The Blekinge-suit. It’s a festival today. I have to meet the king, and I will show respect, “said Åkesson to the Swedish news agency TT

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