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I remember the moment he said it, the media will lash out on him for it, but little did I expect that the police would be waiting in the crowd to pounce the moment Geert approached the “bad speech” limit, you know, that arbitrary system of justice that defines for itself what is and isn’t acceptable speech. KGS

NOTE: I was recently walking around the former DDR in East Berlin…little did I know that the specter of Erich Honnecker’s Stasi were still lurking around, but then again I indeed felt their presence every now and then.

H/T: Henrik Clausen

Wilders lashes out at German Chancellor

Geert Wilders’ speech in Berlin on Saturday has drawn criticism from leading German politicians.
One of them, Green party leader Jürgen Trittin, said Geert Wilders’ visit was an “affront to Berlin’s cosmopolitan tradition”, in a city that is home to hundreds of thousands of Muslims. “We must stop all attempts by smug right-wing populists and Islamophobic bigots to marginalise and vilify these fellow citizens,” he said.
About 500 supporters attended the speech Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders gave in Berlin on Saturday.
In it he lashed out at Chancellor Angela Merkel: “Ms Merkel says that the Islamisation of Germany is inevitable…’More than before mosques will be an integral part of our cities’. My friends, we should not accept the unacceptable as inevitable…It is our duty as politicians to preserve our nations for our children.”
He received a standing ovation for his remarks about Germany’s war past: “Whatever happened in your country in the past, the present generation is not responsible for it.”
Mr Wilders spoke at the invitation of Berlin Councilor René Stadtkewitz, who was thrown out of the Christian Democratic Union when he refused to cancel his invitation to Geert Wilders. Mr Stadtkewitz now intends to form a German version of the Freedom Party: Die Freiheit.
There were police officers among the audience to check if Wilders did not overstep the mark. A police spokesperson said: “We do not accept instigation to sedition.”

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  1. Some things never change in Germany and other countries. It looks as though the remnants of the Stazi and Volkspolzi are alive and well. The police in the audience were a type of Orwellian 'Thought Police' planted there to make sure that Mr. Wilders did not violate any Marxist PC German or EU regulations.

  2. It is interesting that they are worried about Mr. Wilders and cannot see that in a few short years they will all be under the control of islam! It is hard to feel sympathy for people who want to be so PC that they will march to their own genocide.

  3. There seems to be no shortage of''Kool AID' in Western Europe.

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