René Stadtkewitz Wilders


The Tundra Tabloids reports from Berlin on the Geert Wilders speech held at the Berlin Berlin Hotel sponsored by the Freiheirt party. Geert Wilders was received warmly by the German crowd that numbered at least 600-700 people. Gert came into the auditorium and was greeted to a thunderous roiund of applause and cheers by his supporters in the magnificent hall.
There were a measly gathering of Leftist malcontents standing outside of the venue, as we were watching from above on the second floor of the hotel that overlooks both the street and the entrance of the inside of the hotel. The Tundra Tabloids went down to do some filming..that will be up soon enough,  and ran into a journalist/photographer who was taking pictures across the street from the hotel. 
The TT went up to the man and asked whether he knew what was going on, to which he responded: “Oh yes, some  racist from Holland is coming here to speak.” Upon enquiring as to how he knew “this man was a racist” he backtracked and said that others think of him as such. I then asked him what media he was working for and he replied: “the German media” but refused to say which one in particular.
He then asked if I was filming in which I was, then he asked me who I was working for, then incredibly he said that I was in trouble because I didn’t have a press card and walked over to the police. The TT then went up to the police before he could reach them, to show that I wasn’t afraid of his stupid threats. The police told him to move along….they couldn’t be bothered with the punk. The same man later on apologized to me for his stupid behavior.
The event couldn’t have been planned any better, the speeches were delivered by and Israeli, I can’t remember his fist name, but his last name is Cohen, and he was at one time the commander of the Israeli airforce. He thre his support behind Geert Wilders, as well as René Stadtkewitz and his party, and  warned about the jihad, and Europe’s need to confront Iran, not just Israel.
Geert Wilder spoke after René Stadtkewitz, and there is more to follow. The TT is tired and will continue with this incredible and momentous occasion. KGS

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