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The Tundra Tabloids confronts a journalist waiting outside the the hotel were Geert Wilders was scheduled to speak on 2.10.2010, for René Stadtkewitz’s Freiheirt party. The journo first states that “a racist from Holland is coming to speak, then backtracks when I ask why he called him a racist…then gets totally pissed off that I’m filming him and runs to the police to complain…yes that is what happened!
I then explained to him that you are allowed to film anywhere on a public street. I went to the police first ahead of him to show that I wasn’t afraid on his nonsense. it’s a short 37 second vid, but you get the gist of what transpired. KGS

Here is the same guy waiting to cross the street and come inside the hotel.

The Tundra Tabloids has learned that the journalist is working for the, Berliner Zeitung, founded in 1945,a German center-left daily newspaper based in Berlin. His name is still being researched.

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  1. The MSM love throwing dirt and accusations. They almost always get away with it too.

    This guy looked shocked when asked to defend what he said. Clearly he likes throwing dirt, but he doesn't like getting it back.

  2. A false accusation of racism is as bad as racism itself.

  3. You're NOT allowed to film anyone on the street, especially if you're intending to show him/her on the Internet. On top of this, I don't get the point of this video, as there is no real conversation or topic shown further than the fact that a journalist was being filmed by a bigot journalist-to-be. I think there are too many know-alls in this website.

  4. @Anon: The point is this 'journalist' is unprofessional and biased. He calls someone a 'racist' when there is no cause, and then when he is challenged he goes to the police like a woos… Sums up the Left and the MSM pretty much.

  5. First of all thank you for hosting and sharing that clips!

    When i look at those 2 “reporters” i see 2 watchman of my goverment. They say the research for the names at the berlin newspaper is still ongoing?

    Take your time and watch how those “reporters” behave. Those guys are used to “ask”. Just see how his intorragting-skills are surfaceing.For myself i can say i dont like him! But he`s just a minion of a goverment who is willing to exstinquish us as “citizens” and our culture for what? I dont know?

    For 30 years its common knowledge that our birthrates are not worthy of mention, and in the bundestag only aknowledged as an god-given situation.
    Take this and a media-industry based on “public” interest and its clear to see where its leading to.

    The germans are used to say “Not everything was bad in the DDR”, we only addapded the best what east-germany had to offer, and the best they had was the StaSi (StaatsSicherheit). Those 2 guys are Version 2.0 .

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