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There’s something strange in the entire neighborhood, Saudi Arabia. A genie threatening to take a daughter outside of the hell hole called Saudi Arabia, should be classified as a humanitarian.  KGS

Saudi father says daughter kidnapped by genie
Saudi police backed by a civil defence aircraft and hundreds of town residents have launched an extensive operation in search of a teenage girl whose father says she has been kidnapped by a jinn (genie).
The 16-year-old Saudi girl disappeared from her house in the central town of Alkharj a month ago but was found later in Riyadh, Shams daily reported.
She vanished again three days ago, triggering a massive search campaign by the police, civil defence and residents of the town, the paper said.
Her father believes she is possessed by a jinn, who threatened to take her to Riyadh last month and carried out his threat,” the daily said.
He says this jinn speaks out through her and told them that he would take her to Riyadh…and that is what happened as they later found her in Batiha neighourhood in Riyadh…he then threatened that he would take her away and make her disappear forever…he said he would take her outside the country.”
But the paper said the unidentified father’s theory has been refuted by Moslem scholars on the grounds jinns can not transport humans.
It quoted Sheikh Ahmed al Aseeri, preacher at Alkharj state prison, as saying the girl could be suffering from mental problems.
“This story about a jinn taking the girl away can not be believed because jinns are not able to carry humans or make them disappear…they can control minds but not bodies so this theory is not correct,” he said.

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  1. This would all have made such good sense… if only he'd been drinking.

  2. I.m sure Disney is checking if they're missing a genie ,before they get sued

  3. So this story is unbelievable because “…jinns are not able to carry humans or make them disappear…"

    Wow, in the rest of the world this story would be unbelievable because jinns don't exist.

  4. I wouldn't be so quick to necessarily make that assumption.
    The realm of spirit is comprised of many entities that we are not fully aware of. In my opinion, for what that is worth to you, Jinn's are demonic in nature, and do indeed exist.

  5. I agree with anon…there are many things we do not understand. Only this morning, as I was worshiping my chocolate teapot, I saw a unicorn and a leprechaun having a fight in my garden

  6. HEH, HEH HEH,.. Somebody please pull the plug on the entire state of these morons.

  7. Saudi Arabia has always been one big mental asylum that its abnormal to be normal and normal to be abnormal…lol

  8. with all the in-breeding amongst them, no wonder the they're all mental.

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