Counterjihad Calendar Motoons Day


Yes ladies and gentlemen the Counterjihad calendar recognizes today  as the day, exactly five years ago, that the Danish newspaper, the Jyllands-Posten, published the dreaded pictures of Mohamed, that set off the entire Muslim world (six months later that is) in a spitting rage, after imams living in Denmark had toured a number of different Muslim capitals, spreading false information about why the Jyllands-Posten did it, as well as providing a few more provocative drawings of mohamed that were not a part of the original twelve.
A lot has happened since then, the release of Kurt Westergaard’s numbered one time edition drawing of the Turban-bomb Mohamed, which sold like hot cakes around the world. Then there was Mr.Westergaard having been attacked at home by jihadis as well as the release of Swedish artist, Lars Vilks’ drawing of Dog-Mohamed, the Tundra Tabloids interview of him in Stockholm after an event titled “A Day of For Free Speech“,  and the subsequent attacks upon himself and his house by jihadis and their sympathizers. KGS

NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids suggested to Lars Vilks to create something special for the Gates of Vienna,Jan III Sobieski Confronts a Rondellhund at the Gates of Vienna

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  1. Buy something Danish. It'll make you feel better.

    Even Islam seems insignificant when you've got a Carlsberg in one hand and a Danish bacon sandwich in the other.

    Happy Mo-tune day! Skol!

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