This could only happen in a country that has given itself entirely over to statism, which is nothing more than a Marxist-style form of collectivism which takes over the individual’s own decision making process, and decides for itself, what is proper human behavior, thereby creating social policies that further restrict the individual.
No, the Tundra Tabloids is not talking about the legalization of drugs nor other vices that have been proven to negatively effect not only the individual, but others as well, but matters that have only the effect, good or bad, on the individual him or herself. Only a country that has given itself over to statism, could such a radical policy such as this occur, and it speaks more about the drift of society into totalitarianism, than of the bad effects of tobacco.
Every person, smoker and non-smoker alike should be worried about the further erosion of their civil liberties, for the government, especially a statist one that is unrestrained by the people, has a thirst for more control over society, and will eventually enslave its people even more than they have already. This is really disgusting and frightening. KGS

Having a smoke in your yard 
will one day be illegal

Finland Enacts World’s Toughest Anti-Smoking Law

YLE As of Friday, Finland will be home to the strictest anti-smoking legislation in the world, which aims to phase out smoking altogether. The new law aims to prevent teens from ever lighting up.
“We’re no longer giving tobacco tacit approval,” says Ismo Tuominen, a Ministerial Counsellor at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.
The legislation seeks to make Finland smoking-free not by an outright ban on smoking, but by methods such as limiting the visibility and availability of tobacco products.
“The goal of the old law was to decrease smoking, which accepted that tobacco was a part of our life. This doesn’t make much sense as tobacco is the underlying cause of a large portion of premature deaths,” Tuominen explains, adding that “ tobacco would be banned if it was introduced in this day and age.”
Finland’s anti-smoking bill is expected to grab headlines worldwide, and Tuominen anticipates that other European Union states will follow Finland’s lead to stub out smoking.

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