Gaza Flotilla


These intrusions by “aid” activists into the legal weapons blockade of Gaza put into place by Egypt and Israel, are stupid, time consuming, and in the end, pointless. There is no humanitarian crisis happening inside Gaza, the Arabs know this as well as the Israelis and many of the activists as well, it’s a pure political show, nothing more, nothing less. It’s only a matter of time before they get tired of it and think of something else. KGS

NOTE: And no, they didn’t have to use force, there were no IHH jihadis on board waiting with knives, clubs and chains to attack them.

J’Lem Post:Commando 13 warship peacefully leads yacht to Ashdod after it illegally entered blockaded waters despite receiving warnings; IDF spokesperson calls boat a “provocation.”The Israeli Navy took over the Irene, a yacht of Jewish activists headed for Gaza, on Tuesday morning, and is leading it to Ashdod. No violence was used in taking over the boat, IDF spokesperson reported, and the activists were peaceful, as well.

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