Remember dear people, no matter who they are, or how many times they attempt it, the breaking of the anti-weapons blockade of gaza is an immoral act, no matter how nobel they pretend their intentions to be. These idiots give genocidal maniacs hope that they eventually world opinion will side with them, and once that happens, the flow of weaponry into Gaza will increase dramatically, by some accounts a hundredfold. 
No matter what these Peace Now activists will tell you, their interference in the situation with Gaza will not hasten the day towards an eventual peace with the Arabs, but will only serve to extend the hostilities. When looking at them in their boats, just imagine the same kind of loons  calling for end to the use of DDT as an anti-Mosquito agent due to health risks. The science was flawed through and through, but it became policy around the world,  and it actually led to the deaths of untold millions of Africans.
These Leftist activists embody the same type of flawed thinking, who, despite the wealth of evidence to the contrary, believe that helping Hamas will speed the day when peace breaks out, but in reality, open borders will take yet more food, building materials electricity and other needy essentials away from the private sector, as the Hamas open the floodgates to securing for themselves all kinds of weaponry. These are the facts, and these morons refuse to accept it.

The Tundra Tabloids views these kind of people with contempt. KGS

J‘lem Post: UK pro-Palestinian group organizing mission says goal is to show not all Jews support Israeli policies on Palestinians; won’t resist boarding.
The navy went on high alert Sunday as a ship carrying Jewish activists set sail from northern Cyprus with the declared goal of breaking Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.
Called Irene, the boat is carrying a symbolic cargo of aid for the people of Gaza under a British flag.
Organizers from Jews for Justice for Palestinians said that all of the passengers were Jews from Israel, Germany, the United States or Great Britain.
“Not all Jews support Israel’s policies in Gaza,” said Richard Kuper, one of the organizers.
“We call on all nations and governments around the world to vocally protest and take action against the occupation and the blockade.”
Israel’s policy is to prevent ships from reaching the Gaza Strip, but rather have them undergo an inspection of their cargo at the Ashdod Port. This policy – that humanitarian aid must enter Gaza by land – was supported by the international community last week at a donor conference for the Palestinian Authority in the US.
“We cannot allow ships to sail freely into Gaza, since they could be carrying weaponry,” one senior defense official said.“If the ships sail into Ashdod, we will inspect the cargo and then allow it through the land crossings into the Gaza Strip.”

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