Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Sanna Negus


Sanna Negus humming the Palestinian national anthem 
to herself while not listening to her tour guide 

In what should have been an ordinary interview of a manufacturer of drone (un-piloted) aircraft,  with a potential sale to the Finnish military, YLE’s Sanna Negus refuses to let her journo-acitivism take a back seat, and makes a last minute stab to smear the Israeli firm, because, that’s her true aim in everything that she does. Lie, obfuscate and smear the Jewish state at every twist and turn in order to please herself and her employer at YLE, a state funded news organization.
The two minute segment manages to get about every factual detail about the aircraft taken during her visit to the Israeli company’s factory. At the very end of the report she makes the erroneous  claim that these planes are “used against civilians” and deemed by many human rights organizations as having been used in violating human rights and in war crimes. So in other words, she’s saying Finns, don’t buy Israeli aircraft.
No Sanna, they haven’t been used “against civilians” even though civilians have been indeed killed through the use of them, and you know that. You also know what international law allows for, or at least you should, since you’ve been working the ME beat for quite awhile. None of these aircraft have been used in the intentional murder of civilians, and you know that, you have talked with a great number of Israeli military personnel and officials who have schooled you in how the IDF operates, and what their military code allows, and doesn’t allow for.
They also schooled you in what is a legal target under the Geneva Conventions, using its strict rules of engagement, and a myriad of governing bodies within the IDF that choose, plan and finally carry out attacks, that are approved after having passed all the strict requirements under international law. You know that Sanna, but because you’re a hack, a fake journalist, and a shill for the Palestinian cause, all that doesn’t matter very much to you, or at all. So that’s why you chose to smear the Israeli firm at the very end of your report, because that’s what you do, it’s who you are. KGS

NOTE: The video is viewable here in Finnish (at the 12:30 mark).

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  1. Since every Muslim is a warrior, bound by the Koran to pursue jihad and the advance of Islam, a core element of which is the elimination of Israel, a principle now written into the Hamas Charter, Gaza and the West Bank contain no civilians, and necessarily are fair game in the defense of Israel.

  2. Anonymous – while that may be your opinion, it is actually a reversal of the reality: while Islamic clergy and militia regard every Israeli Jew an enemy soldier and thus a legitimate target for terrorism, Israel has always targeted strictly military targets, and made unparalleled efforts to minimize civilian casualties.

  3. She left it late. I watched the report and waited for her Palestinian activism to show up. She didn't fail but did what was expected of her.

    Without her late outburst the report would have been impartial. But that was not to be, because her name is Sanna Negus.

  4. Hot stuff here, KGS:

    Swedish Democrate
    harrassed by gang of 40

    Stones crushed the Syrian Issa Issa’s windows in his and his family’s apartment in Gothenburg in Sweden, on Thursday. The family had to lay down on the floor to hide from the attack.

    – F…ing christian! F…ing Swedish Democrate! Come down here!
    Shoutings to the christian Syrian, Swedish politician, who later in hospital decided to quit politics.

    So the mob got what they wanted. They frightened and terrorized him from going ahead with Swede-friendly politics.

    Issa and his brother went downstairs, got trapped outside, shots were fired, he got kicked lying down on the ground, he was cut with knives, by this gang of about forty 15 – 20 year olds.

    This is Swedish politics 2010. Would you believe it?

    This incident follows the harrassment and nondemocratic ways during the elections i Sweden 19 September 2010.

    See the daily Aftonbladet
    Ironically, on the same page, there’s the campaign “We don’t like hostility against strangers” with the SOS Racism symbolic hand from earlier years, “Don’t touch my friend”

    According to the victim, the attackers were from the Middle East, chasing a Syrian – in Sweden.

  5. Thanks Sheik, just waking up to the news about this, literally, much appreciated!

    NOTE: The Assyrian community happens to be the only group of Christians in Sweden with THE most negative views of Muslims and Islam.

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