Reinhard sends the Tundra Tabloids the following story directly related to the recent elections in Sweden, in which the Sweden Democrats were catapulted into the Swedish parliament by the popular vote for the very first time. Take note of what Politistk Inkorrekt mentions about whether a same stunt could have been pulled off by an ethnic Swede. KGS

Reinhard: Here’s Swedish state TV at its best. An “art project” with an Iranian woman protesting against the SD by covering herself with the ingredients used to make “Negro balls”, what we used to call small balls of chocolate before people realized it wasn’t PC. Keep in mind, this is Swedish *state* TV. 



PI: NEGRO BALL WOMAN As part of its public service Swedish television published during election day on SVT debate a so-called art project in which the Iranian woman, Roxy Farhat, got naked, spread naked, and did a negerboll of herself by smearing herself with and creeping around in the ingredients. The above video (TT: It’s just a pic, Vlad is working on the uploading)  may not be SFW (Safe For Work).
The purpose of the whole art project will be a kind of protest against the Sweden Democrats. It is also noteworthy that at all, she may use the concept of “negro balls”. The question is whether an ethnic Swedish writer got away with it. However, she seems to have bad eye on the recipe for the negro balls, which she uses cooking oil and flour, and seem to have missed oats completely. PI publishes therefore a complete recipe for negro balls below (variations can occur naturally, but this is because the ingredients):
Recipe for negro balls / chocolate balls
100 g Butter / Margarine
3 cup rolled oats
1 1 / 2 cup Granulated sugar
1 tbsp sugar Vanilli
1 tablespoon Cocoa
1 tablespoon coffee, boiled x Nib / Coconut Flakes
Melt the butter, or at least fairly smoothly. Mix everything together. Shape the dough into small balls. Roll them in coconut or Nib. Store cold.
H/T: Reinhard

NOTE: Vlad said: “what a stupid video. and despite all the oil and corn starch the plot never thickens” For the TT: “well there isn’t too much to left to the imagination….  a naked iranian with hairy armpits pours sacks of stuff used to make “negro balls” and then rolls around on the floor in the flour mix. Ugh….hairy armpits, it lost me after that.”

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