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Life has just got that more interesting. The avalanche of material at the hands of the non-Muslim concerning Islam and its anti-liberal sharia law is extensive. The Center for Security Policy is doing a lions job in arranging all this material for the average person to read up on and become knowledgeable enough to inform their politicians, family members and friends. Good job Team B! KGS
The Tundra Tabloids has permission to republish this in full.
Shariah – the law derived from Islam’s foundational documents – defines the Islamic doctrine of the universal obligation to jihad against non-believers.
The question is, What is meant by “jihad”? Is it merely a personal struggle to sacrifice for God and be the best possible Muslim? Or does jihad mean holy war, the pursuit of a global Islamic state known as a caliphate, that rules in accordance with shariah?
The Center for Security Policy’s “Team B” studied the question in its recent report, Shariah – Threat to America. On September 17, BigPeace ran Team B’s answer to the question, “What is Shariah?“  Today we summarize the Team B report’s findings on shariah and jihad.
The answer to the question, “What is Jihad?” is readily accessible to those willing to seek it – not from critics of Islam, but from the Quran and other foundational Islamic sources.
Shariah scholars typically cite as authority for jihad from the Quran any of the 164 verses that specifically refer to jihad against non-Muslims in terms that include military expeditions, fighting enemies, or distributing the spoils of war. By describing the warfare of jihad as something sanctioned by Allah himself, Islamic authorities set it apart from the common tribal warfare of the time and elevated it to a superior status of something sacred.
In addition to the Quran, which Muslims believe is the text of words delivered directly from Allah to Mohammed, the hadiths (accounts of the actions and sayings of Mohammed) are a second primary source governing jihad in Islamic doctrine. A third principal source is made up of recognized compilations of classical Muslim writings that systematize and codify Islamic law. They spell out the duty of jihad as holy war, which all Muslims, according to shariah, must advance in one or more carefully delineated ways.
Islamic jurisprudence, known as fiqh in Arabic, forms the legal context for shariah and its rulings. As such it relies first and foremost on the Quran and cites its verses to support the caliphate and jihad. Simple citation of the verses themselves, without the context provided by how sharia scholars (who guide and enforce Islamic thought and action) interpreted these verses, provides an incomplete and incorrect understanding.
The Team B report on Islamic threat doctrine specifically cites the sources. Reliance of the Traveler: The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law (Umdat Al-Salik) written in the 14th century by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri, states, “Jihad means to wage war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion. And it is the lesser jihad.” According to this authoritative doctrinal text, the “greater” jihad is the struggle for the spiritual self – what the Muslim Brotherhood wants the non-Muslim world to understand as the “real” meaning of jihad.
When Reliance refers to the greater and lesser jihad, it indicates that this differentiation is not a part of the law of jihad – leaving us with no alternative but to understand that, under shariah, the meaning of “jihad” connotes force and violence.
In the 20th century, Muslim Brotherhood ideologues such as Hasan al-Banna (1906-49) and Sayyid Qutb (1906-56) recast modern jihad on the fiery language of revolution and anti-colonialism of the times and not just strictly warfare to expand Islamic and legal political dominance – whether against oppressive colonialist forces of Muslim rulers (“the near enemy”) who were judged apostates because of their failure to uphold shariah.
Qutb, the chief theoretician for the Muslim Brotherhood, declared in his capstone bookMilestones, “The reason for jihad which have been described in . . . verses [from the sacred texts] are these: to establish God’s authority in the earth; to arrange human affairs according to the true guidance provided by God; to abolish all the Satanic forces and Satanic systems of life; to end the lordship of one man over others since all men are creatures of God and no one has the authority to make them his servants or make arbitrary laws for them. These reasons are sufficient for proclaiming jihad.”
By “Satanic systems of life,” Qutb was referring to the way of life practiced in Western-style, secular, liberal democracies. The reference to “the lordship of one man over others” was not reserved for dictators, but to any man-made law – including Muslim leaders who did not rule under the shariah code. The assassins of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat acted on Mawdudi and Qutb’s injunctions with respect to jihad.
The Quran (verse 2:216) obligates all Muslims to wage jihad, “though it be hateful to you.”
Most Americans are familiar with the violent form of jihad as waged by the terrorists. There is a second kind of jihad that is not violent – at least not for the moment – that the Muslim Brotherhood calls “civilization jihad.” Civilization jihad is “pre-violent.” And it is all around us.
We will look at civilization jihad in Part 3 of this series.

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  1. Part 2

    It is the responsibility of Islam ands it’s ruling authority to come out with clear cut definitions and intention of those suras.
    Totally eliminate the abuse of your Koran and religion by the radicals.

    It is the responsibility of Islam to take action against any muslim committing any act contrary to the koran.

    The problem we have is, every time there is a terror attack by Muslims, the moderate muslims simply sit by and just say “that is not islam, we are peaceful people”.

    Sorry guys, That simply is not good enough.
    Thats all good but what are you going to do about your muslim brother perverting your faith to declare war and committ vile acts?

    It is time for Islam to clean it self up and eradicate the misuse of the Koran, Hadith your own faith, not ours!

    If the Koran, is what you claim and allah is perfect and all knowing,
    Why did he word the Koran so loosely and in such a way that it can be misued?
    Did the Perfect allah slip up and not forsee the perversion he created?

    Why does the Koran say it ok for a muslim to lie to us, “infidels”?
    Why do you call non muslims Infidels?
    Why does the koran say “kill Jews and Christians”?

    Look at Egypt,
    use to be a great country,
    the king deposed in 1952,
    and now the islamic brother hood run the show, it is a third world country.

    Muslims killed my uncle on 6 January 2010 as he left xmas mass,
    I know full well what islam does when it takes control of a country.
    The non muslims are treated less than animals.
    Is that peace?

    The fact is there are numerous aspects of the koran and hadith
    which are simply evil, hatred, barbaric and inciteful, that is a fact.

    I am nor trying to offend,
    I am been honest and want to express my view to try to make muslims understand
    why so many people are scared of islam.

    The Islamic community is not helping themselves,
    Look at all your evil islamic clerics, teachers, immams and leaders
    on you tube and all over the net spreading pure evil hatred and inciting violence.

    If islam is the perfect religion, Why does islam allow them to do so?
    That is not peaceful

    Islam is in a mess, no uniformity no consistency, and the muslim community can not agree amongst themselves as to what islam stands for.

    Some Muslims refute Hadith, yet Sunni muslims love it. so, Who is right?

    Do moderate muslims agree with the barbaric punishments in Islam?

    Is it right that your Allah demands apostate be killed if he /she does not come back to islam?
    Where is the freedom of choice, faith or religion?
    Actually why is it allah had to include such a decree?
    Is it because he knew once normal civilised people who embraced Islam, would then turn and run from it like there is no tomorrow.

    Muslims who claim to be moderate must realise that the greatest threat to moderate islam, is the radical islam. FACT

    Time for Muslims to enforce the Koran and the suras against muslims that corrupt the word of Allah in the name of terrorism,
    Behead them, show leadership and protect your faith.

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