Congratulation to both the Sweden Democrats, and Kent Ekeroth, for the hard work put into the campaign to run for public office. Sweden now has a representative that cares about Islamization, as well as helping to steer the Swedish state from highly destructive policies , such as, reliance on  massive amounts of low educated immigrants to somehow prop up the welfare state.
Remember folks, this guy belongs to a party that has literally been hunted in the streets by roaming gangs of thugs, while political elites silently nod their heads in approval. As the TT writes this, there isn’t a clear picture of how much they won by, but one thing is for sure, Geert Wilders has a party in the Riksdag with whom he can conduct business with. KGS
UPDATE: With 3433 of 5668 districts counted, SD have managed an incredible 6 %.

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) — It appears Sweden’s reigning government has not won the necessary majority in order to be re-elected as a third, far-right, party has claimed enough seats to keep the nation’s election hanging in the balance, according to a media report Sunday.
TV polls showed that Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s center-right “Alliance” coalition took 49.1% of the vote, compared with 45.1% for a center-left opposition bloc, Reuters said.
A far-right group known as Sweden Democrats claimed 4.6% of the vote, just enough to keep Reinfeldt’s party from claiming the majority in Sweden’s Riksdag. If Reinfeldt’s party does not win enough votes to claim a majority, that could unsettle Swedish investors, because the nation has enjoyed considerable prosperity recently.

NOTE: The True Finns are set to winn big in the next round of elections, currently they are the 4th largest party after the National Coalition, the Center Party and the SDP.

Complete Results as of 22.30 CET:

With 5303 of 5668 polling stations accounted for:

M Moderata Samlingspartiet 1571361 29.9% +279355 +3.9 1292006 26.0%
C Centerpartiet 348792 6.6% -46184 -1.3 394976 8.0%
FP Folkpartiet liberalerna 369463 7.0% -1120 -0.4 370583 7.5%
KD Kristdemokraterna 296034 5.6% -33728 -1.0 329762 6.6%
S Arbetarepartiet-Socialdemokraterna 1618838 30.8% -130458 -4.4 1749296 35.2%
V Vänsterpartiet 291885 5.6% +3316 -0.3 288569 5.8%
MP Miljöpartiet de gröna 378171 7.2% +122642 +2.1 255529 5.1%
SD Sverigedemokraterna 303812 5.8% +155762 +2.8 148050 3.0%

Moderaterna 29.9 %
Centerpartiet 6.6 %
Folkpartiet 7 %
Kristdemokraterna 5.6 %
Socialdemokraterna 30.8 %
Vänsterpartiet 5.6 %
Miljöpartiet 7.2 %
Sverigedemokraterna 5.8 %

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