Juha-Pekka Tikka, who happens to be one of the more shining examples of signs of intelligent life in Finnish journalism, writes about an interesting observation of his, regarding an article by the Islam-friendly journalist at YLE, the Finnish state broadcasting network, Tom Kankkonen. The YLE reporter took a ‘not-to-veiled stand against the Sweden Democrats, in his article about today’s parliamentary elections in Sweden. Kudos to Tikka for writing about it, this kind of ”Tom-foolery” cannot go unchecked. KGS
NOTE: The same YLE journalist wrote a book about Islam in Europe, and took notice in the same book that Finland was represented in the Brussels Counterjihad conference by a certain “KGS”.
ALSO: The Tundra Tabloids recently posted a video of YLE doing a not-to-veiled- anti-Sweden Democrat report on YLE’s channel 2 program, Ajankohtainen Kakkonen. The TT will add that at the bottom of this post for context. The Finnish state, through its taxpayers’ money is funding the demonization a political party of a neighboring country.
Juha-Pekka Tikka writes: 

In an article YLE’s Scandinavian correspondent took a position on the Swedish parties in Sunday’s elections. YLE News correspondent Tom Kankkonen’s Näkökulma column “Conservatives and opponents of immigration to win in Sweden”, was published on YLE’s website at 11.19 (18.09.2010).

Yleisradio at the time stated in the following text:

First of all, the parliament is getting a party that’s positioned negatively towards immigration, the Swedish Democrats. Secondly, and perhaps in spite of everything else, the more important news is that one legislature which is dominated by a conservative coalition is firmly attached to the Government for a second term.

Opinion polls coming in from every which direction give an indication of the fact that the People’s Party, Christian Democrats, the Center and moderate right-wing Coalition Party made up of the government coalition is gaining more votes than the red-green blocks.

In addition, the strong restriction on immigration demanding Sweden Democrats are getting close to the Riksdag. The polls are indicating this, but fortunately, the elections decide the outcome.

Yle updated text for the first time about half an hour after the announcement. At that time, the word “fortunately” was removed from the last sentence.

In the Näkökulma story, hecklers of the Swedish Democrats’ election events, were described as “anti-racist and anti-Fascist activists.

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