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David Yerushalmi:
No matter how many times the Mussulman will try to persuade you that sharia “is just like any other religious canon”, such a notion should be dismissed with the wave of a hand. It just isn’t so. Oh but they’ll try to convince you, lying of course, that it’s very similar to Jewish canan law, Halachah, but it’s not the same, far from it. 
Jewish law makes it clear that the law of the land where any Jew resides, is indeed the law of the land, nor do they seek to change it. Observing Jewish law is restricted to only observant Jews and to no one else.
Many within the West who are falling over themselves in their desire to show tolerance where none should be given, risk subverting their own laws in the process. Placating the Muslim in regards to allowing certain aspects of Muslim law, only serves to reinforce their supremacism and whet their appetites for more demands, which are endless.


Here is David Yerushalmi giving a brief but concise answer to the question of:

“I’ve always thought Shariah was a body of Islamic religious law much like Jewish Halacha, governing peoples’ personal affairs. So I’m wondering, what is it in your view? What is Shariah, and why, specifically, is it a threat to our country?”


Read the rest of what Yerushalmi has to say on the subject here. The man has a great legal mind and knows what he’s talking about.

NOTE: The Great Sheik has Frank Gaffney speaking on Sharia law here:

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  1. Forget all of this Sharia BS, just make it very clear to the practitioners and adherents of 'The Religion Of Peace, that our various republics with the rule of law, have ONE set of laws for everyone. If they are not pleased with the civil law and customs of our countries I suggest that they return at once to whichever Islamic 'paradise' they came from so they can fully enjoy the fruits and benefits of Sharia Law and a concentration camp mentality. Which is devoid of personal freedom, liberty, and opportunity. IMHO I always thought ones religion or faith would 'save' not enslave one's mind and person.

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