The Baron drew the TT’s attention to the 20 minute mark where, Barbara Lerner Spectre, director of the Paideia organization, is interviewed, and states that the current wave of Anti-Semitism in Sweden will one day pass and that Jews have an important role in a country undergoing profound change”
Barbara Lerner Spectre: At this point in time, Europe has yet learned to be multicultural, and we’ll be part of throws of that transformation that must take place, Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century.
These are the kind of Leftist US maroons that get people killed, as well as giving Islamization supporters reason to be hopeful, all the while stomping out the ethnic culture of the country in question. Apparently, only European culture is worth multiculturalizing, but never countries of the developing 3rd world, that’s called imperialism and colonialism. The woman is clueless. 
First and foremost, multiculturalism destroys the fabric of society, as opposed to the traditional US model, which is not multicultural, but E pluribus unum which is Latin for “Out of many, one”. Multiculturalism is nothing more than Leftist identity politics on a grand scale, which pits one group of people against the other in an endless struggle of “equality while the elites stand on top of it all, dishing out this equality according to their whims and desires.
It’s a top-down model that fits the socialist mind and thinking, and the way it wrongly perceives the world, but it’s an anathema to the free individual and a free society, that is grounded in limited government and self rule. KGS

Suicidal Jew comes to mind for those who believe in the multicultural meme

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