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More Muslims jump ship from the miserable Muslim East to the wonderful Judeo-Christian-humanist West. KGS

Ex-diplomat Hossein Alizadeh: 
I have had it with the Mullahocracy

YLE: Hossein Alizadeh, an Iranian diplomat in Helsinki who resigned from his post last week, wants to remain in Finland. Speaking at a press conference on Monday, he said that he will apply for political asylum in Finland. Before leaving his post, Alizadeh was the second-highest ranking official at the Iranian Embassy. On Saturday he announced that he had resigned in protest against Tehran’s anti-democratic policies. Iran’s Foreign Ministry has said that Alizadeh’s term at the embassy had concluded already in August, and said that he wanted to stay in Finland because his children are in school here. However the Finnish Foreign Ministry says it has not received formal notification of the end of his posting, so Alizadeh still retains diplomatic status.

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  1. This defection is very bad propaganda both for the Islamic world, the PC, Leftist bleeding heart MSM, and the apologist political class who keep projecting the Muslim world as an 'Islamic paradise' filled with pious practitioners of 'The Religion Of Peace', who's image is damaged by a 'few radicals and some misguided, overzealous youuuths.

  2. Tne trouble is that Muslim asylum seekers or Muslim immigrants, flee to the West, and the moment they are sure that they cannot be deported, start to campaign for sharia etc, i.e., the very same ideology that was responsible for them fleeing their country.

    This phenomenon is now so common, that I think it is a way to send 5th columnists to the West, who cannot be refused entry.

  3. All of them are scum. I have known a few in my time and none of them is kosher.

    They have been staunch supporters of the mullah regime so far, they are not changing, they are only looking for a save haven for their tribe because live is awful in Iran.

    Once they have their feet on the ground, they push Islam, nothing but Islam. F*#k 'em! ship 'em back, all of 'em!

  4. I agree, this guy is jumping ship for other reasons, not because he's suddenly "Western friendly".

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