This needs to be read, and understood by all, if they are serious about defeating the jihad being waged against the West. It also serves as a lesson in understanding the crucial point that, a multi-pronged approach is needed in defeating the jihad-Islamization project. We are still, very far behind in mounting a credible strategy. KGS

Force Protection

by Baron Bodissey


I could have commemorated 9-11 by recalling my personal experiences with the events of that dreadful day, but I have covered that topic sufficiently in the past. And rather than reprise the history of our response — which others can do much better than I can — I’d like to take a look at what has really been happening to us over the past nine years.
First, the facts.
On September 11th, 2001, nineteen Middle Eastern Muslims, grouped in four separate teams (or cells), used jetliners to kill almost three thousand people in New York, Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia. Their self-identified reason for committing these atrocities was that they were fighting jihad against unbelievers in the cause of Allah.
The “magnificent nineteen” were devoted followers of Islamic law, or sharia. According to the standard canons of sharia as taught in all four schools of Sunni jurisprudence (and also by Shi’ite doctrine), it is the duty of all able-bodied adult Muslims to wage jihad against the infidel, or to materially support those who do so.
The above summary is not in dispute. This formulation enjoys the consensus of the scholars within Islam, and is taught in officially-approved Islamic schools from Djakarta to Casablanca, and even in London and Houston. It is not “extreme”, but standard, mainstream Islamic law.
Next, let’s consider two videos, each of which shows an excerpt from a recent news story. The first is from a joint press conference held by President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia about Koran burning:

President Karzai experienced the Florida church’s plan to burn Korans (which was later cancelled) as an insult to 1.4 billion Muslims. President Yudhoyono urged the US government to take action to prevent the burning. Both statesmen obviously felt that this was a matter that should be of official — and punitive — concern to President Obama and the United States government.

The second video is a CNN report about a potential problem in Afghanistan, which was handled adroitly by the U.S. military authorities:

 So the United States is required to protect the lives of its troops serving in Afghanistan by:

1. Making sure that no Americans burn Korans, and
2. Burning Bibles.

Hmm… What’s wrong with this picture?

And what conclusions can we draw from it?

Now, we can certainly say that Islam is violent and barbaric, that Muslims are intolerant and exhibit a double standard, and that our leaders are craven appeasers who invariably cave in to Islamic extortion. All of these assertions are true, but virtually everyone reading this post has already been there, done that. So let’s not bother rehashing it all.

The most important conclusions to be drawn from these news stories are the following:
– – –  – – – – –

1. The Muslim world is demanding that the United States enforce sharia law, both in Afghanistan and within its own borders.
2. The United States is actively and willingly complying with this demand.
3. American officials are unaware of #1 and #2, with the exception of highly-placed agents of the Muslim Brotherhood (and possibly President Barack Hussein Obama).

The desired goal of both jihad and da’wa (Islamic proselytization) is to induce the nations of the unbelievers to obey sharia law. Jihad is the sharp end of the spear, and will be used when necessary, but da’wa is the preferred technique, because it is less costly — and, when dealing with powerful but gullible Westerners, it is much easier to accomplish.

In other words, by its own standards, the Muslim Brotherhood is now approaching victory against the infidels of the West, and the kafir doesn’t realize that he is being beaten, nor does he understand the nature of the war that is being fought. With the United States in voluntary submission — even as it fights “terrorism” and “violent extremists” abroad — Islam is more than halfway towards its goal.

Read the rest here.

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