The Tundra Tabloids heard that a film crew had been seeking interviews from counterjihad personalities, bloggers, with the stated intention of asking fair questions concerning their views about the man, Geert Wilders. Now we know the true story behind their intentions. Others sniffed out the film makers’ true objective way in advance, in spite of Red Rebel Film’s denial, that it was going to be a hit piece, and their instincts were correct. The Baron notes the following:
Back in May, in the post “Reds Rebel Against Geert Wilders”(based on excerpts from PI News), the Dutch investigative reporter Sukarno dug into the background of a media outfit called “Red Rebel Films” that was preparing a documentary about Geert Wilders and the PVV. His conclusion:Expect a Red Rebel hit job on Wilders that tries to discredit him based on the people who support him.

The film is now scheduled for release on Sunday, and a trailer has been posted on the internet. Our Flemish correspondent VH has been watching for the release of the film, and now says that Sukarno was exactly right.

Read the rest here.

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