GZ mosque imam: 
But Mr.Pipes there is no such thing as
radical, moderate Islam, there’s just Islam
The Tundra Tabloids good buddy, TINSC, offers a highly thoughtful response to Dr.Daniel Pipes latest article on America’s Wake Up to Islamism, that greatly deserves mulling over. Read it over and respond yourselves, this is a point the TT has been making for some time now. Glad to see TINSC phrasing it in such an eloquent way. KGS
I don’t think Americans ever hated Germans. However, when America went to war against Germany in 1917 and again in 1941, it was understood that we were at war with a country led by tyrants who were waging war on us. Whether the Germans of that era hated America was of no consequence.
So it is with Islam. Like you, I don’t think Americans hate Muslims. I certainly don’t. Yet Islamic leaders have routinely shown their enmity toward the United States and have waged war against us. This situation leads us to reluctantly meet the challenge.
War does not allow us the luxury to distinguish between “moderate Muslims” and “Islamists”. Those Muslims who support America and our values must stand up clearly and support America and our values. The Muslims who waffle and rationalize have no place in American society. Whether they are “moderate” or not makes no difference. In war, there’s “us” and “them”. Those who chose to fly no flag at all will suffer the fate of those who chose no side at all.
I am reminded of former years when the Dutch, Norwegians and Belgians were neutral in World War I and World War II. They were swallowed whole in the events that followed; friend and foe alike.
There is no place in this war for “moderate Muslims”. There is only a place for “Modernist Muslims” who understand that Sharia has no place whatsoever in America as a legal system of justice and government AND are willing to show it. I fully embrace these “Modernist Muslims” who have embraced American values and practice their religion within the legal constraints of the United States Constitution. They are my friends, neighbors and co-workers in everyday life.
We have long passed the fork in the road. Muslims today are emboldened by the economic plunder of the industrialized nations by Saudi-led OPEC. Their economic resources far exceed those of ordinary Americans. As such, few Muslims on American soil are left embracing American values because whatever Islamists want, they can buy. There is no need for a Muslim-American to be a “moderate Muslim”. In other words, the notion of “moderate Muslims” is now obsolete.
A lot has changed since you started this blog. The luxury of separating Islam (a faith) and Islamism (an imperialist ideology) is nearly gone. Nothing would make me happier than to find out that this perception of mine is wrong.

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