Well yes, it will indeed spark outrage around the Islamic world, but so to did the dreaded Mohamed drawings by the Jyllands-Posten. So please, if anyone cares to try, explain to the Tundra Tabloids this;

If the chain of events were reversed, in that the International Burn the Koran Day was the event that drove the Islamic world crazy over five years, and this coming Saturday is to be the publishing of the widely publicized “Twelve Pics of Mo”, would the same talking heads be denouncing the Jyllands-Posten for their intention to publish the pictures?

Remember, there were embassies burnt, churches attacked and in some cases burned down, Christians hunted, and scores of people left dead. The Tundra Tabloids refuses to be willy nilly about the upcoming event in Florida, either you stand up to Islam or you don’t. By demanding that the burning not to take place, by default, proves that Islamic law in fact determines how the non-Muslim should behave.
Yes it’s indeed a radical act, and defending the action places the supporter in a not so very popular position, no sane person wishes to have the label of radical extremist…. or even a lunatic, wrapped around his or her neck, but in order for Muslims to understand that the West refuses its dhimmitude, some actions have to be taken, even if they go against some of our deeply held personal principles, like for example not causing offense for the sake of offending which in this case takes the form of burning Korans.
No one said fighting Islamic fundamentalism will be pretty, convenient or easy, it will take certain individuals, gutsy individuals, to take a stand, and yes, risk being called a lunatic and bigot and a “waycist”. KGS

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