But lying Frank isn’t having none of it! Nope, he continues his lying offensive because his pants rest around his ankles.
Lying Frank Johansson continues his “victimhood”, of supposedly being misunderstood/mistranslated wrongly, in spite of the fact he boasted in his JPost interview with Benjamin Weinthal, that he has used as harsh language before concerning  former US president George W. Bush. He also failed to correct the JPost journalist who used the word “scum state” ten times during his interview, something that the journalist emphasized to the Tundra Tabloids.
Yep, Frank Johansson has an interesting way of not wanting to be controversial, all the while boasting that he has said controversial things in prior statements, to bolster his point that he’s being fair where Israel is concerned. Nice to see Hannu Takkula taking a stand, something of which the Green party has yet to do. KGS

H/T Vasarahammer

Hannu Takkula demands the resignation of Finnish Amnesty director

Takkula is surprised that the Greens Chairman Anni Sinnemäki and MEP Heidi Hautala have not disowned what their fellow party member said.

MEP Hannu Takkula (center) believes that human rights organization Amnesty International, Finnish director Frank Johansson would have to resign.

Takkula’s demand is based on column written by Johansson’s in the Iltalehti a couple of weekes ago titled “Israel is a Scum state”.
– The representative of an independent organization can not tolerate such prejudice, racism and outright anti-Semitism, Takkula said on Sunday at the Israel Day celebration in Pori.

Johansson has already removed the writings from the magazine pages. His comments on the new web magazine caused a stir in Finland in August.

– It’s what I was trying to say, was misunderstood and associated with the position on Amnesty. It also was translated incorrectly, which is why it offended people, in particular in Israel, but also elsewhere in the world. I did not mean to offend. Therefore I deleted the post, “Johansson says.

According to Johansson’s blog, he wrote as an individual and not representative of Amnesty International.

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