Ground Zero Mosque


The more that the principle players involved in this mosque project are investigated, the more the stench meter reads “overpowering”. KGS

And admire him or not, Trump is influential  and here he’s spot on:

Via Breitbart

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  1. Letterman, Letterman, you don't get it. Islam is not a religion, so get off that "religious freedom" tack.

    Americans really don't understand that Islam is an ideology.

    And yes, we fought Nazi ideology and we had better do something about Islamic ideology too.

    What will it take before we actually declare war on this medieval system, since it has openly declared war on us. Cloaking Islam in the concept of religion as understood by the West has most Westerners completely duped.

    Does anyone understand what a Trojan Horse is? Maybe that will help us with the concept.

  2. Muslims have a RIGHT to build that mosque. Note that Donald Trump implicitly acknowledges that.

    All Trump says is the obvious: The location is inappropriate for a mosque and angers people. He says that the developers could enjoy some public goodwill by moving the location.

    This is perfectly reasonable and keeping with our American values.

    One has to wonder why David Letterman doesn't seem to understand this. But hey! That's OK. If Muslims want to humiliate and anger the American public like this, perhaps that's a good thing.

    Like I've always said: Muslims have a right to build a mosque at Ground Zero. When America starts propelling our automotive fleet with something other than petroleum based fuels, Muslims won't have the monetary resources to build mosques at Ground Zero.

    Merely having the right to build the mosque is insufficient in of itself. They need MONEY to build it.

    The strategic path to winning the war against Islamo-Fascism is the elimination of petroleum as the prime mover of our transportation system. Until we do that, expect more mosques coming to a neighborhood near you.

  3. You guys are right. Letterman is a dufus, unwilling to evolve as a political thinker, we have plenty of them here in la la land Europe.

    That said, TINSC is right, we need to get off Arab oil, starving them of their profits is a sound strategy, while helping to drive the price of oil down. They've had for far too long the highly illegal monopoly on energy production.

  4. Unfortunately the Saudi's and others practically 'own' most of the elected and appointed officials in DC due to years of 'lobbying' or wining, dining, and pocket lining many influential persons. Just think, who benefits every time we send troops and spend billions of dollars in the middle east? That's right! Our good friends the Saudis and the rest of the oil rich nations, who shed very little of their own blood, but much of the West's.

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