It’s a combination of cities lacking the necessary funding and deep concern stemming from how Muslim refugees situation has gotten out of control in neighboring countries. Finns are more cautious than the Swedes, Danes and Norwegians. KGS

Municipalities Loath to Open Doors to Refugees 

 Municipalities are reluctant to open their doors to asylum seekers and refugees. Around 200 refugees, mostly living in refugee camps, are waiting to move to Finland. Although they have their paperwork in order, they need a municipality to take them in. In addition, about 400 refugees who have been granted asylum in Finland are still living at refugee reception centres because no municipality has offered them a place to stay. In total, Finland needs to find accommodations for 2,200 refugees and asylum seekers. Tiina Pesonen, who works for the Migration Department at the Ministry of the Interior, says it’s clear that there are not enough places for everyone.

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