The skunks at this Australian broadcasting news center are in line with their peeps at the BBC, what a bunch of morons. KGS

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  1. Hi from Australia. I'm glad to see you covering this. I am a big fan of Mr Wilders and watched this documenatry with great interest. It was aired on our SBS, a channel specialising in multicultural affairs and supported by taxpayers. This channel and this particular presenter are the mouthpieces of the left so I was pleasantly suprised to see any balance at all! Mr Wilders has a dignity and strength we need to look up to and it was discussed on many blogs here with positive support for his message.

  2. Thank you, we here in Europe follow the counterjihad everywhere it goes, which means Australia is incredibly important. glad to here that the blogs accepted Geert's message! And thanks for commenting.


  3. Anon

    That is a a very positive development.

    A tax payer funded news organisation will always be infiltrated by Treasonous Leftists, intent on selling out their as well our birthright. We have in the UK the Mother of all Leftist traitors – the BBC.

  4. Like most reporters and journalists in Australia, george negus knows very little about Islam.

    His spiel is always slick, polished and superficial.

    No probing beneath the surface, no attempt to furnish out the issues that are playing out in Europe at the moment.

    Probably does not even know the social cost of immigration to the Netherlands.

    Probably would not even know where these Muslim immigrants come from.

    The basic problem here in Australia is colossal ignorance about the nature of Islam and its political agenda.

    But at least he brought Gert Wilders to the attention of the Australian public – even if the presentations was one sided and revealed his lack of understanding.

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