The EU’s Turtle-necked FM
Catherine Ashton: Oh rats, I hoped you
wouldn’t have brought that up
It’s not only amatuer hour in the Obama administration’s foreign polices vis-a-vis the ME/Israel, it’s also going on inside the halls of the EU, under the stewardship of the EU faux pres Herman Von Rompuy and his joke of a FM, Chatherine Ashton. It’s pure Comedy Centeral in the foreign policy department under the “leadership of these two professional bureaucrat hacks. It’s hilarious to watch. KGS

“Government officials were even sharper in their rebuke, with one saying Ashton’s statement “probably reflects that internalization of the anti-Israeli discourse that denies any merits or any legitimacy to Israeli democracy and its institutions.”
The official said that what made Ashton’s comments even more “open to ridicule” was that she found time to criticize Israeli justice, while ignoring troubles at home, such as the “curious release” by a Scottish court of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, a year ago and the highly controversial ongoing expulsion of scores of Roma from France to Romania.”

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