From the Finnish tabloid newsdaily, Iltalehti, there have been incidents of gunfire being directed at city buses in the city of Malmö since Friday, a city known for its Muslim violence. The reports aren’t saying who the police think is responsible for the shootings. KGS

Passengers’ horrorifying moment: Six buses in Malmö fired upon

Tuesday, 08.24.2010 at 12.48

Passengers were terrified when the bullets broke the bus’s glass Monday evening. In Sweden’s Malmö there have been six buses shot at since last Friday . The most recent cases are from last night, when three buses were shot in central Malmo. Together, the buses had about 30 passengers.
 – Passengers were scared. The windows were shattered,  told the Eve-Marie Billing Veolia bus company to the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper.
The gun was small caliber. Police are calling for eyewitness sightings to the cases.

H/T Kumitonttu

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