Ground Zero Protest


Looks like the people gathered at the event were given a lot of food for thought by a host of speakers. Good going. Here is an eye witness account from someone who was there himself, via Weasel Zippers. KGS
As for the rally, hard to gauge if it was a high turn out. It was a city block long. Lots of good speakers and they didnt speak just about the mosque and the location. They talked a lot about Sharia law. Hammered it home actually. It seemed to be about educating the people as much as it was about the mosque itself. One speaker said that to promote Sharia law is treason.
Two speakers actually talked about the meaning behind Cordoba. Frank Gaffney was there and talked about stealth jihad and told Obama it was a “teachable moment”. One talked about the Barbary pirates, muslim slave traders and asked if any muslims signed the Declaration of Independence. One speaker was a former slave and told Bloomberg to build it in City Hall. Blloomberg wasnt well liked there and his name was booed a lot. As well as Pelosi and Obama. You can tell people were pissed by more than just the mosque. One called for Pelosi to be investigated. People even chanted “Obama must go”.
That’s pretty much the gist of what went on. Lots of signs, people of all walks of life. Luckily the weather held out til I left. Enjoy the pics and use whatever you feel you want to post. Glad I went and it was better than I expected.

View all the pics here.

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