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According to the person who sent this to the TT, these two hapless lads were innocent of the charge against them, but still, even if they were guilty, this kind of vigilantism that’s common throughout the Muslim world is appalling.
About vigilantism is explained by apostate Muslim, Nonie Darwish: “The ingenious Sharia uses vigilante street justice to bring about Islamic submission. That is why civil unrest and honor crimes go wherever Islam goes. The power of Islam comes from turning Muslim against Muslim — with a reward in heaven. “

WARNING: Very brutal video of the lynching. The Tundra Tabloids deems this necessary enough to warrant posting at the TT, due to the shock of it all. This is sharia inspired vigilantism in the raw. WARNING ONE AGAIN, BRUTAL FOOTAGE.

Description: Pakistanis have expressed shock at the brutal mob-lynching of two teenaged brothers in Sialkot last Sunday. But horrific as the incident may be, it did not come out of the blue.
Mob justice has been quite the norm, in Sindh, in Punjab and elsewhere in the country. The killings in Sialkot are a reminder that these murderers are getting more brutal, more dehumanised with each incident. The cause More..s behind the madness that led to the lynching are still being probed. What is clear, however, is that the police were involved. Video footage of the incident shows policemen who seem to be part of the mob.
The Supreme Court has taken notice of the double murder. The SHO ‘concerned’ has been arrested and a case registered against 14 people. The IG Punjab has suspended a few policemen in Sialkot and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has also woken up to the situation. As he castigated the police the chief justice remarked: “What message have you given to the world about Pakistan?” One could say, with due respect to the judiciary, that the act would have been bad enough had it remained hidden from an international audience.

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  1. Is it sharia-inspired? The lynch-mob mentality exists, potentially, within every human being, as evidenced by torture and lynching of blacks in the U.S. Put people under a corrupt government where evildoers are not punished and you will seen people take justice into their own hands, sometimes in a most brutal fashion.

    I hold no brief for sharia or radical Islam, but I am not sure this is an example of such. Better and clearer to use true examples, the better to overcome the objections of doubters who can (rightly) say that such things can happen without Islam or sharia.

  2. Vigilantism very much embodies the spirit of sharia law. Menfolk are pressured by their society to exact the "ultimate price" for their daughters or wives believed indiscretions. They are then repaid for their duty by the legal system with slaps on the wrist.

    Keeping the public in line is part and parcel of sharia, and vigilantism is a crucial pillar in its tool box.

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