Though the US might, just might, be right about Iran being at least a year away from achieving its prized goal of creating enough nuke material for a bomb, it’s nonetheless disasterous for genocidal regime of Iran to get even this close. Then again, I doubt that US knows for sure, 100% sure, that Iran isn’t moments away from getting want it wants. In any regards, this situation needs to be reversed, and fast. KGS

NOTE: Obama really thought that he could get the world’s major players of bad guys to sign on to his shuck and jive roadside carnival of dentate, you know, the opened fist routine. But they aren’t biting, yet. Nope, they’re busy circling the carcass of this present US administration to see how much further it’ll exhaust itself through trying to implement one meaningless policy after the other, then they’ll pounce.
Moody: Thanks for all the dialogue Obama,
I’m ready to start some more, when we’re finished.

Iran starts to fuel up first nuclear power plant

BUSHEHR, Iran (Reuters) – Iran began fuelling its first nuclear power plant on Saturday, a potent symbol of its growing regional sway and rejection of international sanctions designed to prevent it building a nuclear bomb.
Iranian television showed live pictures of Iran’s nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi and his Russian counterpart watching a fuel rod assembly being prepared for insertion into the reactor near the Gulf city of Bushehr.
“Despite all the pressures, sanctions and hardships imposed by Western nations, we are now witnessing the start-up of the largest symbol of Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities,” Salehi told a news conference afterwards.
Iranian officials said it would take two to three months before the plant starts producing electricity and would generate 1,000 megawatts, a small proportion of the nation’s 41,000 megawatt electricity demand recorded last month.
Russia designed, built and will supply fuel for Bushehr, taking back spent rods which could be used to make weapons-grade plutonium in order to ease nuclear proliferation concerns.

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