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According to a well placed source in the Sweden Democrats, the party’s main website is currently not viewable to anyone outside of Sweden, due to a DDOS attack on its server from abroad. http://www.sverigedemokraterna.se/ When it happened and the extent of the attack is presently unknown. KGS

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  1. There are no signs in the City Networks network that there are or has been a DDOS attack towards Sweden Democrats site or infrastrukture of servers. City Network also tell via twitter that there are no activity. There are no signs of DDOS burst in the domain system as well.

    This is likely something produced by the Sweden democrats administrators and that will be more clear after the weekend when City Network and several others will officialy be forced to make a statement about how it actually is.

    It is interesting how the hostile Sweden Democracts been "crying" about how the Swedish media doesn't care about this. It is interesting because the advert from normal behavior when things like these become known. I very fast, almost instant described as the initial attacks began. Same thing last time. This lead to suspect they were behind it all the last time, and this time it is a simulation and trick to make others look bad.

    This started to be very tiresome about this particular not so Swedish party spreading misconceptions and more in order to grow hate.

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