The Tundra Tabloids first reported on this situation back in March when the Iranian Nobel prizewinner Shirin Ebadi, condemned Nokia -Siemens for helping the Iranian regime keep tabs on its political opposition it was busy clubbing on the streets of Tehran.
Nokia-Siemens later on admitted to selling the Iranian regime snoop-gathering equipement and technology, after having been placed into the spot light, and now it looks like they spot light will continue to shine in their direction. KGS

Iranian Human Rights Activist Sues Nokia Siemens Networks

An Iranian human rights activist is suing the mobile networks manufacturer Nokia Siemens Networks in the United States. The plaintiff, a journalist, accuses the company of selling technology to Iran that can be used for spying on dissidents.
The activist says that NSN technology has allowed the Iranian authorities to violate the human rights of its citizens.
According to the lawsuit, the journalist in question was arrested in Iran in the aftermath of last year’s presidential elections after authorities had monitored his use of his mobile telephone.
The journalist said through his lawyers that he had been tortured, and fell ill while in custody. It is hoped that NSN will use its contacts within the Iranian government to free the journalist.
The lawsuit in the US state of Virginia names as defendants Nokia Siemens Networks, and its parent companies, the Finnish Nokia and the German Siemens.

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